Monday, March 16, 2009

How to submit your products for review to Beautirave!

If you are interested in submitting your products to Beautirave for product review, please email us at One of our beauty editors will use it and then review it, depending on your product and its target age group. We have editors and product testers in all age groups! We are particularly interested in products that are truly natural and truly organic, handcrafted products with terrific packaging and a terrific product inside as well, affordable skin-care that offers results, foundation that doesn't sink into wrinkles, bath products and so on! we also love sample sets. If your line has a sample set that is under $30.00 we would love to try it and review it. Once your product is reviewed, a link for your products will be featured in the review. If we don't like or love your product, we won't lie and we also won't throw you under the bus. We will simply write about the products in your line, that we do love! So don't be afraid! Email us today and tell us about your product and we will go from there! What we don't want are products loaded with Petroleum by-products, tons of parabens and chemicals.

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